Today was a good day. 😀

Waffles for “brunch”. (More like lunch time because the person who made the waffles kinda slept in… ;))

The first picture cracks me up! Guess what he’s pleading for in the second picture? (Cheesy grin and all)

This is a very typical scene in the morning/evening of any given day in the fall (only substitute a bow for the gun on most days). Today was day 1 of youth season. Sadly, my hunter brother didn’t shoot any. 😦 (Several close calls though)

Rose and I cleaned the whole house – our soundtrack was Trans Siberian Orchestra mixed CD, Newsboys ‘Born Again’, and Revival in Belfast. 😀 Would’ve taken me twice as long without her help!! (Though I could’ve done without the reminder that there are mice in the house, right about the time I was washing floors on my hands and knees. Haha Rose!)

Then we went to town and got some movies and snacks… And Jesse made pizza for supper, while I made food for Sunday dinner and washed another pile of dishes. (I sound like such a mom)

There was also laundry (deja vu every time I stood by the washer because of a certain mouse incident two days ago) and ironing and clothes folding and coffee and dancing with Isaac in the kitchen 😀 Lovely day! (Except for the part where I discovered the dying mouse in the basement. DISGUSTING, I’m tellin’ ya. *shudders* Why I’m the one who always has to encounter the mice, I’ll never know)

Happy Saturday!!

(This is for you, Mom & Dad :D)


3 thoughts on “Today

  1. i know how you feel. sometimes i feel like a mom to!! 🙂 there was a snake in our basement one time and i was up those stairs so fast i think i might of flew up. 🙂 its funny how fast you can move when you see somthing like that!! 🙂


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