We Have a Winner!!

Wow is all I can say… you all BLEW ME AWAY with all the giveaway comments!! I only wish that everyone could win and I could give something to all of you. It was so fun to read all your words about you or your life – there was everything from “exciting” to “awe-inspiring” to “trusting” to “free” to “growing” to “stressed” to “blessed”… and many more. Keep on walking on your journey!

So this morning I counted all the qualified comments, gave them all a number, and used random.org to generate the winning number. And the winning number was…


which was Rhoda, with her comment that she was wired. (Hmm well not sure if the coffee beans and Starbucks will help with the being wired part ;))

Congratulations Rhoda!! I sent an email your way 😀

Thanks to the rest of you for entering!! Maybe I’ll have to do it again sometime. 😀 Have a happy Tuesday!!


6 thoughts on “We Have a Winner!!

  1. You have a cool blog, Kristen! I don’t think that I knew that it existed, until Becky posted a link to the contest. 🙂 Your give-away brought at least one new reader.


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