Music Connections

Yesterday I sat in a cute little country church with my two friends and marveled at the fact that I can sing and worship with these people I barely know… Yet there was such a connection to be found, because we have the same Father and serve the same Jesus! We are one in the Spirit. And then I couldn’t help but think of the other times I’ve blended my voice in song… with a variety of people and in different places.

Sitting around a late night warm campfire with some dear friends from near and far, singing any praise & worship song, chorus, or  09 Bible School song that came to mind. The starry sky was brilliant and I felt so small, singing There is a GOD! He is ALIVE! In Him we live… and we survive! What an honor to serve such an awesome God! That little stretch of grass along the Delaware River rang, and the noisy campground was unusually peaceful and silent after we finished. I think God smiled. 😀

And of course there is the awe-inspiring experience of the Welsh Gymanfa Ganu (or festival of song) in little Gomer, Ohio. Dad has carried on his father’s tradition of participation in this October event, and we all love to go every year! You haven’t truly experienced four part harmony until you’ve sang with the Welsh; wow, can they ever SING!!! The mostly old people smiled curiously at us as we filed onto the back bench and settled in under ornate, stain glassed windows. The majestic pipe organ is accompanied by skilled fingers and very vigorous singing. (I usually have a sore throat by the time it’s over) The air is filled with praises for our Father! I was most moved by a fragile 92-year-old lady singing with closed eyes –

“I am coming Lord!
Coming now to Thee!
Wash me, cleanse me in the blood
That flowed on Calvary!”

Every Wednesday afternoon Sylvester and I drive over to the Nazarene college and I join an interesting hodge podge of college students and community people, all with one goal in mind. It’s Handel’s Messiah practice! We sing songs such as For Unto Us a Child Is Born or Worthy is the Lamb or Since By Man Came Death. I love hearing the melodies and harmonies swirling around me, directed by the very capable hands of Dr. Tocheff. It’s so incredible to participate in an oratorio with so much meaning! One of my favorite pieces this year is the solemn – Since by man came death… followed by the joyful – by man came also the resurrection of the dead!! Solemn and slow – for as in Adam all die… and triumphant – even so in Christ shall be made ALIVE!!!!

I love how God can be worshiped through song in so many different ways and in so many different places!


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