Yay for Giveaways!!

Today… today marks my 100th post since I officially started this blog back in March! 😀 You know what that means??

It’s a Giveaway!!!

I love gifts. I love buying them, and giving them, and making someone feel special and loved and happy. They’re just SO FUN!

So… since I like coffeeish things and I spend quite a bit of time/work in coffee shops, this giveaway will be coffee themed. (Sorry to all of you who don’t like coffee)

Here’s what YOU might win:

A whole coffee bottle full of the most wonderful chocolate covered coffee beans ever + a $20 Starbucks gift card!

Now if you all lived around here, I would offer a Java Jo’s, Jitters, or Sips gift card and then meet you for coffee some rainy afternoon. But since Starbucks is a nationwide chain, it’ll have to do. Imagine how many tall Pumpkin Spice lattes, or Caramel Frappuccinos, or Peppermint Mochas you could treat yourself to. 😉

If you win and don’t like chocolate covered coffee beans, give them to your favorite coffee-loving friend… or I surely wouldn’t have a problem finding someone to take care of them. (Everytime I take them somewhere, I suddenly have lots of friends ;))


Anyone may enter – young or old, rich or poor, best friend or acquaintance or complete stranger! (Except I do have to ask that my immediate family refrain from entering, just to make it fair to my blog readers. Meet me downstairs and I’ll share from my chocolate coffee bean stash! ;)) US or Canada only, for shipping reasons.

To make it more interesting for curious little me, comment with your answer to this question and you will be entered!

What is one word that describes you or your life right now?

For an extra entry, link this site on facebook/blog/twitter and leave another comment telling me that you did. I’ll be choosing the winner via random.org on Tuesday, November 9. Comment away!! 😀


97 thoughts on “Yay for Giveaways!!

  1. Oh, I so need coffee beans!!! 🙂 I LOVE those!!! 🙂

    BTW… I’m not sure how to describe my life in one word… Which word should I use?? There are so many that would fit… 🙂 Guess I will choose the MOST obvious…

    Pregnant. 🙂

    Hugs to a very sweet girl…


  2. It’s so hard to narrow it down to just one word…..so I guess I’ll say “chaoticly interesting”. 🙂 🙂

    I really need the Starbucks card…….


  3. My life right now? How can I say it in one word!!?? Maybe I will say I am in a state of “survival”. 🙂 And believe it or not….I don’t think I have ever tasted those coffee beans.


  4. whirlwind

    You come up with such interesting ideas! If I win, I will be meeting you to enjoy the gift together. 🙂 Be blessed today!


  5. Awe-inspiring.

    Like, I’m learning SO much! Graceful, as in full of GRACE. Beautiful. Ok, you said 1 word. You are so much fun gal! Blessings to you! Jojo


  6. hmmmmmmmm…… one word that describes my life right now? i almost can’t do that but i guess i’ll have to go with trusting. all i can do is trust that God knows what hes doing and he knows whats best for me.


  7. Girl you are gooooofy!!!!!!!LOL ok one word that describes who I want to be.Well I want to be me lol but seriously I want to be the best person, god willing, that I can be……………..


  8. walking chickens:)

    My job right now is to gather the eggs that these stubborn chickens lay on the floor! Some just insist on laying at the same spot on the floor/window sill, instead of walking over to the nest and laying it there.


  9. Thanks for doing this sweet giveaway (literally). ;] Hmmmm… a word. I dislike being able to pick only one! Well, this is what life’s going to be for the next 10 days…

    Traveling. 🙂


  10. You’re awesome Kristin!;) Ooo only one word?? wow…um…this is difficult! Right now my life would be…
    I think someone already used that but it really does describe my life! Full of fun, full of good times, full of learning times, full of God working on me and (hopefully)through me and blessing me and teaching me. Full of beauty and amazing friends and family time and nice weather and…just FULL! So yep, that’s my word. Love you! Even if i don’t win, of cours=)


  11. this is neat-I love chocolate covered coffee beans! they were Jacks’ fav too! I am not known for 1 word answers and the ones I did think of have been taken but I just thought of one that says many things- EXPECTANT! Not to be confused with expecting since that would definitely take a miracle in more ways than one!


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