Who’s Watching You?

“You worked a long day!” the teller lady at the bank told me, as we chitchatted while she was completing my transaction. (One of the other topics of conversation was that she thinks I smell like maple icing. But it was a good thing, she assured me. Ha!! Turns out it was the Cinnamon Pecan coffee in my bag that I was taking home for Dad to try)

“Yeah I did…” A little later she mentions something about me being at work very early in the morning. I put two and two together in my head. “Wait… did you see me running down the street this morning??” She laughed and confirmed that she had, and that she thought to herself, “She definitely has to be there at 7:30!” I laughingly promised her that this time I would walk very slowly back to my car.

Uh, yeah. You never know who is watching you. (It’s just slightly embarrassing when it happens to be the time you’re running FULL TILT up the sidewalk because you’re late. :/)

Or if you’re sitting in Arby’s with your best friend for a couple hours, it really is rather amusing how the table next to us (that looked fine to me) needed “cleaned off” and how the floor nearby needed “swept” and when we leave, oh then the sweeping and cleaning isn’t so important and it’s very important to be behind the counter. Hehe!!

You never know who’s watching you. šŸ˜‰

Or if you rake grass with a little 3-year-old boy by your side, you will find that he will look at you while wielding his little rake, and imitate every movement, even down to the way you drag your rake on the walk back to the garage. It seems funny at the time, but…

You never know who is watching and imitating you.

(Hehe this unflattering blue-eyed fishy picture makes me LAUGH everytime I see it… taken about a year & a half ago)

Seriously though, everyone has influence on someone. Even if you’re not married, don’t have children, don’t have younger siblings, etc – you still have people watching you. It may be children in your church, a girl/guy in your youth group who is younger than you, coworkers, people you interact with in town, the waitress who waits on your table at Applebees, the clerk at the gas station… and the list could go on and on!! And if you ARE married, you have power to influence and encourage your spouse. If you DO have children, you have tremendous influence in shaping their character and lives. If you are the oldest child or have younger siblings, you can set an example (in good and bad ways).

People are watching you – what kind of message are you leaving with them?


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