Soaking Up Truth

These are laying on my stand tonight, just waiting for me to dive in and absorb them into my mind and memory.

Tonight I stood at a counter and ordered a tall caramel latte and as it was being steamed, I made a sweet new friend named Kayla. I [from my little table afar] witnessed the joyful hugs that followed after a little eight-year-old girl became a part of God’s family. I sat with my new friend and ten other people, and soaked in so much truth. I felt my spirit being refreshed and encouraged and revitalized, as I learned from a seasoned, wise man of God. I thought about how Mr. Martin reminds me so much of Mr. Gary, who taught my EBI Personal Evangelism class last year.

This statement especially impacted me: He has not called you out of darkness, so you can sit comfortably in the light. He’s called you out of darkness, so you can share that light with others…

It’s good to be reminded anew of basic, core beliefs. I’m so prone to forget.

You know, the picture of a thirsty plant comes to mind… soaking up water and life and truth. Me.

Soaking up truth.

It’s not enough to just soak it up once. Good, strong roots must be established, and the plant must be consistently watered and exposed to the light. A healthy plant will grow and flourish, and it will eventually bear fruit. An unwatered, uncared for plant will wilt and look pitiful and die.

Who wants to be a pathetic wilty plant?

Not me. By my own strength, so often I am. With the power of God, I can be a flourishing, thriving plant!!


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