Happy Three!!

Well dear people, I guess my little plea (combined with the magic word giveaway) did the trick! Yay for comments! And ya don’t have to stop, ya know… 😉  Comments make me happy!! Soooo… all your comment love more than convinced me, so I’ve decided to do one on my 100th post. This one is #93, so keep your eyes pealed!

Reminiscing back to this day 3 years ago…

I remember Mom waking me up at 3:30 am… and then being so groggy that I didn’t even find out when Dad got home 3 hours later and that they had left for the hospital. I remember the day draaaaaagging by (longest day ever) and trying to keep on packing boxes and jumping every time the phone rang. (It was usually no news) I also remember some very very VERY hyper younger siblings. 😉

And then… at 6:20 pm I got a text from Dad, and it said, “He’s here!”

And there was GREAT rejoicing in our household. (To put it mildly)

I’ll never forget the ten minute drive to the hospital, with the light of the brilliant full moon lighting our path… excitement abounding… and then finally getting to meet our new little brother. I remember being amazed at how tiny he was and feeling awestruck with the miracle of new life.

Yeah we were pretty excited! 😀 The closeup picture of him was taken a few days later…

This was Christmas 2007

And now, whenever you call him “Baby” he corrects you emphatically, “Not baby. Isaac!” Now he’s an energetic curly-headed little boy who loves to play outside and is quite possibly the biggest Bob & Larry fan ever. 😉

Happy THREE, Charles Isaac!!


4 thoughts on “Happy Three!!

  1. you really look like your mom in that one picture with your glasses on. 🙂 i hope you have a happy day! 🙂 Happy birthday to Isaac! 🙂


  2. i totally remember that day! an the shock when i found out your mom was pg!!! Naomah an Rae told Leia an I at the same time an we totally freaked out!! 😛 😉 cant believe hes 3 already!!


  3. aww…..! he is so cute! 🙂 i never had the chance to remember a sibling being born, but i now go to youth with Lane, and i remember visiting brenda in the hospital after lane was born. its so weird cause i would have been 3.5 at the time, and nellie and i both remember it vividly. so that was way off the subject, but happy birthday to Ike. 🙂


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