Ugly Packages & Giveaways

Somebody is getting this in the mail… very soon! 😉 The package was oh so very ugly looking… but what’s inside is what counts, right? 😀 And it might be for YOU. You just never know! [It’s going to the post office today]

Also, I’m thinking about just maybe… doing a giveaway right here on this tiny little corner of the web. (The one I call “mine”) ‘Course, maybe no one’s interested. If you want me to do a giveaway, COMMENT. Now! *ahem* The views of TSOC and the comments aren’t quite matching up (not even close) so… anyone out there?? Anyone at all? Maybe I’m just talking to myself.

Now that I’ve had my bossy moment of the day (heh! Well I am the oldest child you know… and you know how bossy they always are *roll eyes*), I must get back to my package mailing & Snickerdoodle cookie making & Sips picture editing & coffee drinking.

Just remember, this giveaway just might include a Starbucks gift card and it just might involve chocolate covered coffee beans [in a cool bottle]. Maybe. 😉


24 thoughts on “Ugly Packages & Giveaways

  1. hey dear! i’m here! i know what you mean about the view and comment numbers not matching up! ..for your blog i am partly to blame, this being my first comment and seventy-third view, give or take fifty-one. i enjoy reading your seems it does not matter if you are having a wonderful day or one with many struggles, you always, always point to God! thank you for your example! 🙂 God is working through you! i love you krispie!!


  2. So I always read your blog. Every post! 🙂 But I don’t always comment. 🙂 And since I have been the recipient of more then one of your sweet gifts, I am excited for whoever is the lucky one to receive that very ugly package. 😉 And! A give away would be great!! 😉 ♥


  3. pick me pick me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! here is the reason you should pick me….drum roll(rolls eyes) ahem, well for starters, ALL my family lives out of state so the mailbox is one of my BEST companions, umm, I think your really cool, My chocolate supply is dwindling, I would DEFINENTLY have a moment of silence an think of you before inhaling my free frap from starbucks…K:) love you~ and for the record, I comment alot on your site compared to the other viewers…right?hee hee:)


  4. sorry that i don’t comment very often but i LOVE reading your posts!!! you do an AMAZING job!! keep up the good work!! God has given you a gift, keep glorifing Him with it. 🙂 oh and the give away sounds like a great idea!! 😉 you know how much i love chocolate!! 🙂


    1. Aw thanks Julie!! Heh, yeah I remember how much you love chocolate! I still have some of that chocolate you gave me for my birthday! (Yeah, pretty amazing that it’s still around, huh?)


  5. I do read your updates, as I’m subscribed to you in my reader, although I don’t think I’ve ever left a comment. I do love give aways though. I’ve thought of doing them on my own blog, but sadly, blogging has kind-of fell by the wayside for me at the moment. Once things slow down a bit I’d like to do more again, but would like to switch either to wordpress or blogspot. Which one would you recommend?


    1. Hmm, well I don’t have any experience with blogspot. My experience with wordpress has been good – the only thing I don’t like is that I can’t add a music player box on the bottom or side. Blogspot and other blog sites allow you to do that & wordpress doesn’t. But if you don’t care about that, then wordpress is great! Thanks for your comment!


  6. A Starbucks gift card…..Are you changing sides LOL…..Some of the best gifts come in the most ugly packaging and you are right. If it comes from the heart it will be the most beautiful gift of all…..

    Did I win LOL


    1. Lol… Starbucks is a nationwide coffee shop, so it makes more sense to give a gift card away from them versus a small & local place. (Sips gift card wouldn’t be worth much if someone from a different state won it) And I haven’t done the giveaway yet, so keep your eyes open!


  7. hey, yes a give away! 🙂 i love them. but never win them, so i just do them for the fun of it. i read you on here, i just don’t get on very often. :/ but here is my comment. not tooo late. 🙂


  8. This is me commenting!!!!!! I love you. And you’re great. Noo i’m not using flattery for my own advantage here…not at all. 😀


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