When you wake up with the Monday morning grumpies… and whack your knee on a box in the dark hallway on the way upstairs… and feel so tired that you just sit on the couch in a daze for awhile, before forcing yourself to get in your car and go to work…

Remember that life is to be enjoyed and savored, not just endured.

When you simply cannot wake up… and you don’t feel like being extra friendly or happy to people… and everything goes wrong and you just want to hide in a corner for fear of doing something else dumb…

Learn from your mistakes and aim to thrive, not just survive.

When you don’t understand all the “whys” and “hows”… and cannot see the big picture…

Trust anyway.

When life seems mundane and routine… or boring and normal…


Drink sparkling grape juice with your camping breakfast or take a million pictures of the coffee cup in Olive Garden, until people in the booth beside start looking at you with amused smiles. 😉

Tease [force] your little brother into taking pictures with you and then laugh hysterically at how funny they are…


Today the celebration was all about Ted, and his 15 years of life! Happy Birthday, “little” big brother!!

^1) His latest slain deer (last Thursday) and 2) last year’s school picture.

Eat [lots] of M ‘n’ M’s or a delicious root beer float! [for Isaac, his first!]

I am guilty of not enjoying all the moments, or recognizing each day as a gift. Today I had to remind myself over and over and give myself many a pep talk. Thrive, not just survive. It’s hard to always choose to experience life well. But I’m trying. 😀 You keep trying, too. 😀


One thought on “Thrive

  1. I LOVE the last picture!! I love your smile in it, and Jesse’s expression cracks me up!! 🙂 I also just enjoyed reading this- so often I try to get through the day, just surviving, but I need to remember that each day is a gift, meant to be thoroughly enjoyed!!


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