The Quietness of Waiting

[Written May 2009]

Imagine yourself in a busy train station. People are rushing back and forth and making connections. You sit on a bench and observe the hustle and bustle surrounding you. You are waiting for your train, but so far it hasn’t come. You don’t know what time it will be coming or how long you’ll be waiting. You don’t even know if there IS a train coming for you at all… So how do you react to this? Do you peacefully sit on a bench to wait for hours? Do you frantically run around looking for it? Do you give up and go home, risking missing the train when it does come?

Waiting. It’s something that most of us dislike. Standing in line at the grocery store. Waiting nine months for a baby to arrive. Long layovers in the airport. Waiting for God to answer our prayers. At times, it can feel like our lives consist of nothing but waiting. Our culture has taught us to want things now. We hate to wait.

Waiting takes patience. It takes trust. Why does God make us wait? Sometimes it’s because we are waiting for the wrong train. Sometimes it’s because He wants us to learn lessons that can only be learned in the station. Sometimes is’s simply because He is God and is ultimately in control of our lives. We don’t understand why waiting is necessary, but if we trust Him even when we don’t understand all the whys, we will find peace as we’re waiting.

“I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in His Word I put my hope. My soul waits for the Lord, more than watchme wait for the morning.” (Psalm 130: 5-6) Waiting on the Lord means to quiet your heart and be still before Him. It is a full trust in Him, and believing that He will take care of you. it is in the waiting that we learn how to commune and listen to our Savior. Great things can happen in the quiet times of waiting. This seems opposite to our usual way of thinking – we think that while we are waiting, nothing is happening. In reality, God is refining our character and teaching us valuable lessons.

The “trains” in our lives may not always come when we want them to. When our train does arrive, it may not look like we expected it to. God has promised us that all things work together for good. His plan for our life journey is intricate and detailed. His timing is perfect! With God as the stationmaster, our train will be so much better then we could’ve ever imagined.

In the distance, a train whistle sounds. Soon the vague form of a train appears on the horizon. You slowly rise, anticipation and expectation lighting up your face. The long-awaited train is coming! It was worth the wait! After climbing aboard, you first look forward into the future. As the train starts to leave, you turn and take a long look back toward the station. You smile to yourself, because deep inside there is a peace that comes only from the quietness of waiting. The journey has just begun!


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