Of Rainy Days & Drops of Sunshine

It’s been rainy the last couple days.

Rainy and cool and wet.

I’ve rather enjoyed the duck-like weather, even though I dearly love staying home on such days, and curling up with a blanket and a book, with a mug of tea by my side. Instead, I had to venture to my downtown Mt. Vernon, dodging raindrops and breathing prayers of thanks when the drizzle let up long enough for me to walk from my car into work. I decided it’s kinda fun to work at a coffee shop on rainy days. It makes the whole place feel cozy, and the weather seems to affect people’s need for Pumpkin Spice lattes and steaming hot chocolate. 😀

Life can seem like one big, long melancholy rainy day sometimes. We wonder if we’ll ever see the sun again. Burdens, pain, confusion. The good news is that the sun always does poke his head out eventually! Burdens roll away, joy comes in the morning, and hope is renewed. Hallelujah!

Drops of sunshine in my life lately~

*Fun, dusty hayride in the dark, complete with singing songs from musicals, worship songs, and a few Christmas tunes…(FELIZ NAVIDAD!! hehe!)

*Chat with Shelly over afternoon coffee 😀

*Seeing the delight in Isaac’s eyes and hearing his hilarious giggles and funny high-pitched imitation of everything I did (mostly screaming with delight and singing “You are my sunshine”) – all while “jupping” on the trampoline.

*Fall colored Hershey kisses

*The beginning of the Messiah practice season…

*Finding an a-dor-able pink polka dotted tote bag for a whopping 50 cents! (Yeah, only me would be so thrilled at such a find)

*Praying and connecting with my two best friends in the whole wide world…


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