Breakfast at Lulu’s

The alarm sang it’s loud, agonizing song way too early this morning. Days off are made for sleeping in, right? I groaned and finally forced myself to roll out of the warm comfort of bed. My eyes practically had to be pried open before my contacts would go in. (No exaggeration there)

But it was all for a good cause – breakfast with Mairi at Lulu’s! I reminisced about all of the mornings I drove this same ol’ route, back when I was still waitressing there. Only the time was usually 5:20 am, instead of 7:03 am. (Today) Rain drizzled on my windshield.

Today was the first time we’ve went back together for a meal, and you can definitely tell that we both waitressed in D-ville for over a year. šŸ˜‰ All we have to do is walk in and half the restaurant waves at us! I kept giggling over the random people who acknowledged that they knew us. Mairi: “Wow we do still rank pretty high around here! _______ [one of the elite of D-ville] told us hi!”

We analyzed the menu and talked about how the changes in the restaurant since it has new ownership and discussed various things in our current lives. Oh, and chatted with Jolisha (waitress) whom we knew already, and pretended to hassle her by being {pretend} annoying customers. The coffee’s still served in the same huge mugs (I drank way too much) and my breakfast sandwich was delicious! I told Mairi, “So many memories here!”

Toward the end of our meal, Sid came over and sat down to chat, and ended up swiping our meal checks. And joined all our pictures! Oh this picture makes me laugh every time I look at it šŸ˜€Ā  This was definitely one of the more controlled smiles I had – it’s rather hard to smile nicely and not giggle hysterically when you’re trying to take a picture with Sid. Ha!

Jolisha: “Sid scoot over! I’m taking a picture of just them!” Sid scoots an inch closer to Mairi. “No! Not that way!”

And that is the story of the Breakfast at Lulu’s.


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