Of Tea Parties and Sisters

The Tea Party in the Woods…

The guests… sadly, there are no pictures of us together or of us sitting at the table, because the only other person home was Isaac, and he was taking a nap. 😉

Rose made peppermint tea and our pastries were coffee cookies and focaccia bread. (I didn’t think of how ironic it would be to have coffee cookies with tea, until later) Ah well, they were delicious, and I already had them made for youth camp.

We sat on our tree stump chairs, sipped tea, and enjoyed the soft breeze stirring the trees. We talked about school, and books, and how we don’t always sit with good posture, and clothes and shoe styles, and dreamed about how she’ll have a tea house & I’ll have a coffee shop someday, and all sorts of other things I can’t remember!

If you have a sister, take the time to have a tea party. The time invested is priceless. 😀


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