Happy Little Tidbits

My day was filled with all kinds of random happy little tidbits. 😀 Because you know me, I’m all about random and happy. And little things just make my day! Of course, today was not perfect or especially glorious. A day in my life wouldn’t be possible without some quirky situation or mishap. Such as sleeping through all three alarms and finally waking up when the second snooze was going off. (!!!!) Or cutting my finger on the carrot slicer that I already didn’t get along with. Or coming out to the street where my car had been parked for 8+ hours and finding a new sign posted on the street “No parking – police order.” Or turning too closely in front of a car and getting honked at quite angrily. Oops.

However, I do so adore my happy moments! 😀 Such as talking with the classy lady from Australia who had the coolest accent ever, and who looked for chocolate shavings to sprinkle on top of her cappuccino, like it was normal. Or when I met the lawyer whose office is just down the street from Sips. After he introduced himself he proceeded to say, “So if you ever get in trouble with the law… you’ll know where to go now!!” Haha! Or the dear lady who gave me the sweetest smile and said (in reference to the busy atmosphere and the fact that I had brought their food out), “Thank you so much! You must be used to this…” [Oh thank you lady because I feel like I’m flying around without my head on straight and I’m really not used to this because I’m still not completely used to this store… oh I must not look as frantic as I feel!]

The rest of my afternoon’s happy tidbits were spending time in that quiet haven called the library, finding the CD that has my current favorite song [so now I can listen to it in my car and not just on youtube], running into random people I knew in Walmart, and my favorite chips EVER [Sour Cream & Cheddar] plus OREOS were on sale. 😀

Then I got home to a quiet house and had a delicious bowl of Beef & Barley soup that was simmering on the stove, lit a fall candle, and browsed this newly acquired library find:

Yeah, it’s as amazing as it looks! How about you all just give me butter, chocolate, flour, and sugar for Christmas?

My drooling taste buds just couldn’t take it any longer and I just HAD to have something chocolately or coffeeish. I was about to settle for a boring ‘ol chocolate chip cookie, when I remembered my London chocolate.

Oh how I love thee, London chocolate and happy little moments!

Later: Little brothers are so silly! So after dancing and marching around with Isaac to his children’s music video (he thought it was great fun), I was hanging out with him as he got his jammies on. He started to run out into the kitchen, and I disappointedly rolled over on the bed and called after him, “Isaac! I wanted to talk with you some more…” He ran full speed back toward me and said right in my face, “HOT DOGS!” then turned around and ran out of the room. I’d like to call that the grand finale of my day… I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time!


One thought on “Happy Little Tidbits

  1. hey girl, i just love reading your posts…i’m always excited when i see a new one…they make my day…i love seeing how all these little things make you happy…luv ya~renita


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