Friday Ramblings

You’d think I’d be overflowing with things to say, after being silent for over two weeks… I definitely have lots floating around in my brain but I’m not sure how much of it you’d really want to read about. :p

I’m sitting at the library in this cute little magazine room, waiting for time to go by so I can go back and work the rest of my split shift. Tonight is the downtown First Friday in this college town, so my boss decided they needed me there too. (Which I don’t mind, except I’m not so excited about the live JAZZ music *shudders*)

Sips is also sponsoring a Red Cross blood drive today and I decided that I needed to conquer my fear of needles, once and for all. If you know me well at all, you’ll know this is pretty uncharacteristic of me. (Squeamish soul that I am.) This was Dad’s reply to my text telling him that I just gave blood: “On purpose?!?!”  It really wasn’t as bad as I imagined… Now I get to make lattes with this lovely bright red bandage on my arm for the next 4 hours. Ha, and maybe answer more questions from the guys at work, “Did you faint??? Did you almost faint??? Did you come CLOSE to fainting?!?!”

Later: This is not good. I have WAAAAAAY too much energy for this time of night. Bouncing off the walls comes to mind… Drinking coffee into the evening + having to go-go-go at work for hours is not the best combination. Unfortunately, when I got home, everyone in my family was sleepy and ready for bed. Not me!!

I ended up having to stay an hour later than I was supposed to, simply because we were so busy. There is something positively thrilling about being part of a bustling coffee shop, when it’s crowded and there are people milling around, talking and laughing, and live music is floating through the air. Too bad I didn’t have time to listen to it, other than flying through to deliver someone’s food. (It was really cool music – not jazzy at all!)

When I finally made my escape, I walked down to the corner and then up half a block to my car – and of course I made my walk more mysterious by imagining what could possibly happen. (You never know when someone might jump out and kidnap you as you’re walking all alone)

As I was driving home, having shed my shoes and donned my bare toes, somehow the balmy September evening air and healing music made everything seem okay. Even when the days are long and life is still confusing, it is okay. My heart heard these whispers from above: “Sing, sing, sing… and make music with the heavens! This is where the healing begins – ohhh! When you come to where you’re broken within… I will rise when He calls my name, no more sorrow – no more pain. And I hear the voice of many angels sing – worthy is the Lamb! And I hear the cry of every longing heart – worthy is the Lamb!” I came to the conclusion that it would be heavenly to do just that – rise while singing that last song.

Then when I was almost home, I traumatized a poor deer (who would NOT get off the road!) by driving at it & blaring Newsboys & honking the horn. Haha! Well, he was asking for it! And I just had to throw a good scream [at the top of my lungs] in there. It’s really a scary thing when I’m running on too much caffeine and adrenaline!

And now that I have exhausted you with my strange Friday ramblings… good night!


2 thoughts on “Friday Ramblings

  1. I would have loved to be w/ you when you got home and were so wired! 🙂 Staying up late into the night talking and hanging out…and congrats on conquering your fear!!


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