Things That Make Me Smile II

*Happy hugs in the airport and the reuniting of our threesome!

*The gift of chocolate from London!!

*Snickerdoodle coffee & muffins and comfortable chatter with a friend

*Two-year-old cuteness. (Such as loud renditions of the Larry-Boy song, or thorough splashing of the person giving the bath *ahem*, or cute counting to 10, or an adorable “Bye Kissin'”) I’m sorry for all of you who don’t have 2-year-old brothers!

*Sunny days, clear skies, and cooler pleasant temperatures… Driving down my little country roads with the windows down, breathing in the scent of freshly mown grass and feeling the warm air blowing through my hair…

*Toasting with Dad to humorous things… hehe! 😉

*A funny tottery old lady who came into Sips looking for her lost cell phone, who then proceeded to go into great detail for the next 10 minutes about where exactly she was the last two days… I really smiled when she came in a little bit later and had found it in her car door! Oh I have this feeling I’ll be exactly like her in about 50 years :O

*Walks at dusk with my sister… imagining that we’re pioneer girls, gathering bouquets of Queen Anne’s Lace and Goldenrod and picking little apples to eat on the walk home (complete with a screaming scare by the “Indian” who was lurking in the pine trees).

*Ice cream topped with coffee & caramel – yummo!

*Listening to my current favorite song over and over and over… (What Faith Can Do – Kutless)


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