Lost Contacts, Pictures, and Tears

Strange title, eh? It just goes to show you that God cares about the little details of our lives. Even things like lost contacts, pictures, and tears. It would be easy to write them off as strange coincidences, but I don’t want to do that. I like to think of them as God moments. πŸ˜€

First God moment: I had five pictures enlarged at Cord Camera, to enter into the fair. They all turned out well, except for this one. They cropped the bottom of the violin off, and in my opinion, it looked awful!

Well, it wouldn’t work to send in another picture to Cord Camera because it was way too far away to be worth it to take the time and energy to go pick it up AND make the deadline to drop off my other pictures at the fairgrounds. So I decided to send in another picture to the local Walmart up the street and hope the quality was half way decent. (I do not like Walmart’s photo quality) So I sent in this picture around 10:15 am and planned to pick it up after I got off workΒ  (around 3).

I get to Walmart, and they looked and looked for my one lone picture. Nothing. They looked in the photo database. No record of any picture sent in under my name. Strange, because I had received a confirmation email after I sent the picture in online. They tell me, “Sorry – guess you’ll have to resend it.” No use to do that, because Liz and I were taking our pictures to the fairgrounds right away. I told Liz, “Guess I wasn’t supposed to enter the blackberry picture.” Somewhere between Kathi and Liz, they persuaded me just to enter the cropped violin picture.

It won first place. πŸ˜€ How’s that for a God moment? Winning a blue ribbon is such a small thing, but God had His hand in it! Lost picture and all…

Second God moment: I lost one of my contacts during the water fight on Wednesday evening at LBS. I was 7 hours from home and had no extra contacts. (Not a very smart idea) I had my glasses along but I hate wearing them!! I called my eye doctor the next morning and got my prescription specs, in hopes that I could possibly get another one from Walmart. I walked into the Vision Center that afternoon and explained my situation to the eye doctor. She said rather negatively, “I don’t think we have any of these, but I can look.” As I sat on the little chair and waited, I told God that if He wanted me to have another contact, that He would have her find the right kind. Not even a minute later, she came out with a little container with the right contact!! She gave it to me for FREE! I was amazed – praise God! (Especially since the little container said ‘not to be sold separately’)

Third God moment: Our group of preteen girls at LBS was especially hard to handle during the prayer group time. They would laugh, or talk, or try to escape from the group. One day, at the station before the prayer time, the girl I especially had a burden for was snickering and sort of making fun of someone who was crying tears of repentance. She declared, “I don’t cry.” I asked her why not and she said, “I just don’t cry.” I started praying that God would break through and give her tears. We went to the prayer station and that day Gena & I decided to try again to do one-on-one prayers with each girl. I had this particular girl, and I sensed that her spirit was more willing to listen to God’s voice. As I was praying, the tears came. Only it wasn’t to her, but to me. I do believe that God answered my prayer, and I was the one crying her tears.

These are only a few examples of God moments that have happened to me… I would LOVE to hear yours! They are there – you just have to recognize them. πŸ˜€


8 thoughts on “Lost Contacts, Pictures, and Tears

  1. Girl, I love your posts! they’re so interesting and definately help to build my faith by reading what God is doing in your life. Thanks for sharing!


  2. So good to catch up on your life even if its through your blog:) I love God moments, little touches that are just for you/me! love you~


  3. Thanks for sharing your God moments! I’ve been challenged recently to view experiences such as these as God moments. It’s so easy to take them for granted or not acknowledge God in them. For me, some God moments this past week were discovering my little guy able to come off the ventilator, then improve so incredibly in just a few days. He went from ventilator, oxygen, feeding tube, to smiles and coos and no medical equipment. Just precious and totally God moments.


  4. Thank you so much for sharing, Kristin! This really blessed me. He really does care about the little things! I really need to read this right now.

    May your day be filled with more God-moments, dear!


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