Of LBS Earworm Songs

Ever since I’ve been home from Lancaster Bible School (where I was for a week), I’ve had songs running through my head at a very rapid pace. Anyone who is around me can testify that this is true.

I loved the songs we sang! So many awesome new songs to learn, plus some old familiar ones. (Major inspiration for our little VBS in the park next year) We sang so many meaningful and fun songs – down by the river in early morning prayer, in staff orientation, during main assembly in the afternoon, and at the evening share time. Music speaks in such deep ways. I was touched.

Light the fire in my soul
Fan the flame
Make me whole
Lord, You know
Just where I’ve been
So light the fire in my heart again

I sang this song all day yesterday and today! Is this^ your prayer?

Our theme song was written especially for LBS 2010 by Parker Esh. It was a really special song – not only for the kids, but all of the adults too. πŸ˜€ “God made me somebody special… God made me to glorify His Name!” SAY WHAT?!?!

And then there was the famous CJ-wants-to-sing-this-all-the-time song: “We wanna see Jesus lifted high… a banner that flies above this land. That all men might see the truth and know – He is the way to heaven. We wanna see (clap clap clap), we wanna see (clap clap clap), we wanna see Jesus lifted high…”

“God is a good God, oh YES HE IS!! He will lift you up – He will turn You around… He will set your feet on higher ground!”

“I’m trading my sorrows… I’m trading my shame! I’m laying them down for the joy of the Lord… I’m trading my sickness – I’m trading my pain! I’m laying it down for the joy of the Lord. And we say YES Lord, YES Lord, YES YES Lord!!”

And of course, the one I almost always went hoarse on: “I’m gonna stand on the rock… I’m gonna try to obey… obey God’s Word! ON GOD’S WORD (repeat) MY HOUSE WILL STAND TALL (repeat) WITHOUT GOD’S WORD!! (repeat) MY HOUSE WILL FALL!! (repeat)” Oh I can’t even describe it – just imagine 400+ people singing/yelling at the top of their lungs! (And seeing which team could be louder)

“Our God is an awesome God, He reigns (HE REIGNS) from heaven above… with wisdom, power, and love – our God is an awesome God!!” One of my favorites – it was so incredible to hear a huge crowd of city kids praising and worshiping our awesome God in song.

I’m so glad God created music. πŸ˜€

All photos credited to Missy King and Andrea Esh


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