Summer Reflections

It’s been a good summer, thus far. 😀

I’m trying to soak in every bit of sunshine possible, and just ENJOY the warmth and lush greenness of summer. So if you ever happen to be driving on the back roads of the Ridge and you see this little silver car with all the windows down and the sunroof open and a head sticking out the window, it’s just me breathing in the woodsy smell. 😀

I haven’t accomplished everything on my Summer Aspirations list yet. I haven’t slept out on the trampoline yet, or picked blueberries, or sang oldies on the porch with Dad, or biked down to the river. Good thing summer’s not over yet!

But I have sat around many campfires, danced in the rain, picked daisies, went on a blackberry picking adventure, caught fireflies with Isaac (just last night he came up to me and pleadingly said, “Fireflies? Kisstin [his version of my name]. Peeease?!?”), made root beer, oohed and ahhed over beautiful new car tires, entered pictures in the fair, tried Indian food, and screamed aloud for the sheer joy of being alive. (If you’ve never done that before, you really should try it!)

I’ve also made many unforgettable memories and made my family roar with laughter at the supper table with my stories… Hehe! If you ever need a good laugh, ask me and I’ll try to help you out. 😀 I make myself tired sometimes with my strange predicaments… 😛 Life isn’t boring.

Thank You God, for the simple pleasures of summer and for Your goodness.


2 thoughts on “Summer Reflections

  1. Your account of your summer made me smile – and laugh! – for the nicest of reasons! It’s so good to ENJOY the “little” things in life … like the smell of the garden in the evening and the warmth of the sun on my arms and the pitter-patter of the rain on my face (all tose at different times of course … 🙂 ) and a thousand other blessings God gives us every day!


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