Friday Slice of Life

Part of my Friday evening was spent doing a stack of dishes and conversing with my mother.  Followed by a delicious supper of which fresh-out-of-the garden red potatoes was one of the dishes. Scrumptious! (Lecturing by Kristin on how pitiful our vocabulary would be without adjectives was also on the menu) This was dessert:

Oh who could resist such shortcake with blueberry topping and whipped cream deliciousness? On a polka dot plate to boot! 😀

Then there were more dishes, and a pretend “argument” with Rose over folding socks. Haha!

Ball with my “big little” brother 😀 “And she MAKES the catch!”

Followed by iced coffee and random conversations on the porch! (Waiting for Dad to come home)

Yay for Friday evenings with my family!


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