Small Things That Make My Day

Small things that make my day. 😀 (And their sometimes rambling explanations in parenthesis)

*Indulging in a deliciously yummy raspberry filled DONUT. (The more bored I am at work, the more coffee I drink & the stronger my donut cravings become. Someday when I’m old and gray and resemble a donut, remind me of how I shouldn’t have eaten donuts when I was 21… haha!!) But oh, they are soooo scrumptious.

*Hearing “my” songs on the radio and singing along heartily. (Definition of “my” songs – well, there is a huge list, but they’re mostly earworm songs that stick in my head for the rest of the day. Example: Annie’s Song, Moondance, Smile, Here Comes the Sun…) It’s a good sign when you can sing along with “Bad Day” and have a happy day instead! 😀

*Getting sweet “hugs” from sweet friends! (You know who you are ;))

*A late night date with God (Ever go on a date in polka dot PJs?? Me either until just recently ;))

*Email texting my friend who is halfway around the world!! (I misssssss you Rach!)

*Dressing up & feeling cute (and then getting compliments :D)

*Spreading Almond Joy Love… (Right along with the polka dot cheer… haha! *waves at family*)

(I’m trying to forget about the things that DON’T make my day – like watching gas go up 22 cents across the street [and I was going to fill up after work *wails*] or dumping the espresso grounds tin all. over. the. floor or burning myself on steaming hot coffee or having to go the long way to work because of construction. Nope, not gonna think about them.)

Have a beautiful day!


3 thoughts on “Small Things That Make My Day

  1. Your are what make my day much brighter most of the time…I can be having just a blahhh sort of day and your smiling face or you sining one of your random songs just makes me realize that life is toooooo short to be down and it lifts me right up so for that I say KUDDOOOOOSSSSS to you…..


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