I would dearly love a heart-to-heart coffee chat with a kindred spirit, right about now. Or a hug. Or a text that makes me laugh. Or for someone to smile at me and tell me that it’ll be okay.

I guess a yummy bagel with cream cheese, soft wind blowing my hair, and blue skies on the Sips patio will have to do.

Ever avoid being around someone because they are negative or cynical about life? Well, I’m avoiding myself right now. Unfortunately it’s rather hard to get away from yourself. Obviously. Why ask questions when it seems like there are no answers? Why hope for things that won’t be fulfilled?

I want to speak, but there are no words. I want to give, but how do I give when I feel so needy myself? Nothing. Empty. Broken. I think God brings us to these places so our eyes are opened to how needy and dependent on Him we really are.

Lord, fill me with Your Spirit, Your laughter, and Your joy.


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