Rainy Morning Musings

The rain and dreariness outside somewhat matches my mood this morning. I’m not grumpy or depressed or extremely tired. Just weary. And confused. Tired of being weary and confused. Wishing for more sunshine-y days and less fog.

The skies opened up and it POURED for the last five minutes of my drive to work. After one almost-hydroplaning incident, I decided driving slower would be a better idea, especially when I could barely see the road. Poor windshield wipers couldn’t keep up. Life feels like one big rainy day sometimes. All I can do is drive slowly and trust that the rain will eventually stop and I will arrive safely at my destination. Even when it rains so hard that I can barely see where I’m going. Where is my life road going?

I was listening to Revival in Belfast II this morning, and these lyrics from ‘Heard the Sound of Voices’ really stood out to me.

Where are the chains that bound me, the cords of my oppression?
Jesus the Lamb has loosed them. He’s my deliverance.
My heart cries “Abba Father”. For He has led me to You
And I can hear You singing, songs of deliverance

I happened to run across this picture in my files this morning, and it fit perfectly!


3 thoughts on “Rainy Morning Musings

  1. Don’t you almost envy guys sometimes in how they are able to shut it all out and think nothing??!! Remember – God is not the author of confusion. Praying for you my dear!! (just think you are still camping;))


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