This morning I was rereading some things I wrote a few years ago, and came across this Cinderella piece. I completely forgot that I had even written it! Thought I would share it again… šŸ˜€

::So I will dance with Cinderella… while she is here in my arms::

Cinderella. We all know this age-old story. Cinderella is magically transformed from a dirty lowly servant girl into a lovely lady, off for the ball. The handsome Prince Charming is fascinated by this mysterious girl that no one seems to know. She runs away, knowing that she’ll be turned back into Cinderella at midnight… that she is just a servant girl. He would never want me if he knew, she tells herself. The prince is not satisfied until he finds her. He searches for her and longs to know who this girl was. He pursues her with his love. All he wants is for her to try on the shoe; then she will be his. When she tries the shoe on, it fits. She lets him know who she really is, and is brought into his presence. She accepts his love and loves him in return. Cinderella is transformed from a servant girl to a princess.

I am Cinderella. You are Cinderella. We pretend to be a lovely lady going to the ball… when inside we know we are really only a dirty servant girl. When the Prince is fascinated with us, we are afraid. We run away from him because we know we’ll turn back into Cinderella. But He loves us. He searches and pursues us until He finds us. The shoe fits – we are His chosen Bride. He sees our lowliness & dirtiness & sin and still accepts us anyway. He loves us so much – even though He knows we are Cinderella. His love and our acceptance of His love transforms us into the most beautiful princess you could ever imagine.

Are you running away from the Prince, afraid He’ll ask you to try the shoe on? Are you afraid He’ll reject you when He sees that you’re only Cinderella? Don’t be afraid – He just wants you to show Him your real self, and He will transform you into a princess…

(Picture is of my sister Rose)


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