June Moments

Live [every] moment to the fullest.

Moments from the last few weeks that are stuck in my mind.

*Suddenly realizing (after I had been sitting at a red stoplight for about 30 seconds) that there is a cop right beside me and it was a really good thing I didn’t go through the iffy yellow light… 😮

*Encountering my 2-year-old brother “playing” the harmonica at 7:15 am… (who was WAY too energetic for that hour of the morning)

*Discovering a pan of forgotten taco shells in the oven, just as the boss walked up. Oops! (No oven timer + my scatterbrained self = disastrous combination sometimes)

*Making a grande sugar-free white chocolate iced mochaccino for a lady 3 days in a row because, “It was just perfect!”

*Sweet 9-year-old Rory shyly coming up to me and asking me on the last night of VBS, “Are you doing music next year?” 😀

*Randomly running into my best friend at Walmart and walking around in tired, hilarious states!

*Watching my 86-year-old Grandma make homemade noodles

*Listening to a voicemail from a friend who was calling all her friends just to tell them something she appreciates about them! Thanks Esta 😀

*Laughing inside and wondering what thoughts must be going through minds of the people who are playing ball next to our very loud VBS music station, especially when we sang,”There aren’t any monkeys in our family tree!!!”

*Singing & waltzing to the “Moondance” song under the light of the full moon and making my 2 best friends laugh!

*Feeling my sense of human dignity rise significantly when a random stranger smiled at me in Walmart… (On the way home from my weekend and feeling completely trashed & dead tired)

*Wading in the cold waters of the little creek behind our campsite in the Virginia mountains

*Driving by myself in the pouring rain while listening to melancholy ‘You’re never gonna say good-bye… your love is unconditional… Your love is with me all the time…”

*Realizing in a panicked moment (halfway home from VBS) that I was supposed to bring Ted home with me. AHHH! (Thankfully Jesse rescued him) Oh why do I even tell about such moments?? I promise that I am not as scatterbrained as I sound :p

*Seeing my “little sister” Ava at Bob Evans! (The one who begs her Mom to come through the Sips drive through so she can tell me hi :D)

*Coming upstairs and finding a much anticipated package on the kitchen island for ME!!

*Getting to know the Virginia mountain roads quite well – heh! 😉

*Witnessing the glow and ear-to-ear smiles of a newly married couple 😀


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