Little Reminders

I have this quirky little habit of writing on my hand, to remind myself not to forget something later. Usually it’s: Get gas because I have this tendency to forget until I’m halfway home from work and there are no gas stations around. :p

I also write myself little messages like this:

Little reminders of what life is about.

Live out loud!

Smile & be alive 🙂

Be happy 🙂

Wake up!! (okay so the coffee wasn’t working so well that day)

So! If you happened to have the same little quirky habit as me, what messages would you write yourself? What would you want to be reminded of throughout the day?? All you lurkers who don’t comment, I want to hear especially from YOU 🙂


4 thoughts on “Little Reminders

  1. When I was teaching I would write notes to myself all the time…although I would usually write them on my wrist instead of my palm so they don’t get washed off as quickly. The problem was I would scribble them down or just write a few words, and then forget what it meant.


  2. One thing I remind myself all the time is to Smile and be HAPPY even though all I want to do is hide in bed with the covers over my head….LOL


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