My Non-boring Life

Oh this poor neglected blog. Several days ago, I had a big long post almost ready to publish and accidently bumped something and deleted the whole thing. 😦 Ironically, it was about glorifying God in everything we do. Maybe God’s trying to see how I’ll glorify Him through that too?? I’m going to try to rewrite it soon…

I just got back from a long weekend in Virginia. It was lovely and complicated and fun and tiring and stretching. 🙂 I met some sweet kindred spirits, assisted with shooting at a wedding (photography), went camping out in the boondocks, got to know the Virginia back roads quite well, traveled many miles, and had some amazing times with some amazing people. 🙂 *happy sigh*

Now I am back to my chocolate brown room, and reunited with my country family on the Ridge. Back to my coffee shop in the mornings. Back in time to jump right into VBS in the park.  (With my usual music, motions, and poster holding job -hoarse voice, tired eyes, and all) Back in time to spend a few more days with my best friend before she is off to Africa.

We won’t even mention the piles of laundry and messy room and people I am behind on calling and the pictures to edit and the reunion on Friday and the millions of other things I have to. 🙂 What can I say? Life isn’t boring 🙂


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