If you’ve ever been around a child between the ages of three and six, you’ll know that why tends to be one of their most frequently used words.

I think the rest of us are entitled to a few whys every now and then, as well.

Why would you order decaf coffee on a Monday morning? Why do I have such a hard time trusting God? Why is summer so short and winter so long? Why do we dream? Why do I have to feel things 100 times more than most people? Why does God’s will seem so clear yet so confusing? Why do people hurt others with their words? Why did God choose to love us? Why is the sky blue, and not purple? Why are some people’s lives seemingly so much easier than others? Why do millions of children have to suffer and go hungry? Why is it easy to connect with some people and difficult to even be around others? Why can’t I just live on a happy cloud all the time? Why does God have me where I am? Why do cars have to be so expensive to maintain? Why does life have to include so many tears and not as many laughs? Why do my weaknesses seem so much more numerous than my strengths? Why did God give us specific dreams for life? Why are there so many more questions than answers?


Ha! There ya have it – just a few of my many whys. Some of them I already know the answers to… and some things I may never understand! If you have any divine words from above for me, I am all ears! 🙂


One thought on “Questions

  1. I love this post! Maybe if we asked people for their “20 why questions” we would understand things about each other so much more. Btw, it sure seems like you have a lot more strengths than weakneses, honest.


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