Roll out of bed (reluctantly). Read part of the story of Abraham & Isaac while eating breakfast. Pondered this while getting ready for church. (How I feel like Abraham sometimes, and so forth)

Church is wonderful! Inspiring speaker from Ontario, Canada. (Merle B) He shared once last night, and twice this morning, and each message spoke to my heart in a different way. Three different Bible characters – Moses, Joseph, and Hannah. He made their lives seem so real, and brought out fascinating lessons. Instead of always focusing on the big picture, be faithful in the small things. Focus on being a person of faithfulness, integrity, and honesty. We may not understand why or how something is going to work out in our story, but there is a reason and purpose for everything that happens. God takes us through transitions and change. Everything is under control, because my Father is with me.

Hot sun and shady green backyard. Peaceful lunch on the porch with… just the females of the family and Mr. Curly?

I finish a photo project I’ve been majorly procrastinating on. Final burn to CD. Done. YES!!!!

Sleepily head out with blanket and pillow to soak up some rays and (hopefully) sleep. Oh, Dad and Ted are back from Scout camping/canoeing trip. I run out and hug them exuberantly!! Continue to former destination. Ted tells me I’m crazy! I tell him I don’t care.

Sister and I lay out and talk. (Me quite sleepily) Porch conversation sounds interesting, so we move over there. (Me stumbling). Sit there and listen, then migrate back over to the blanket. Never do sleep, thanks to the annoying flies and bugs that just love buzzing around my head. (Grrrr) Oh well, good thinking & praying time.

And… the rest of the afternoon is before me!! I’m thinkin’ ice cream, talkin’ with the family, guitar singin’ and popcorn.

*smiles* Life is good.


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