Things That Make Me Smile

Of course I realize that life is not going to be happy all the time (it most certainly isn’t)… but –  I still like to look for little things that add delight & smiles to life… 🙂

Simple Pleasures

*Hitting all the green lights on the way to work

*Hearing your favorite song in the grocery store or on the radio

*A satisfying nap that leaves you feeling refreshed

*A rose from a friend, just because

*Being crazy with my youth group (and laughing so hard you almost cry)

*Being a part of someone else’s latte 🙂

*Picking daisies on little back roads (yes, that car you see stopped & that person you see hopping out is probably me)

*Soaking in the bookish atmosphere of Barnes & Noble

*Going on walks with my little brother

*Making someone else’s day happy 🙂

*Last minute hit-the-town plans with the two best friends in the world…

*Expressing yourself on the written page

*The savory smell of coffee

*A big blue semi coming down the road & turning into the driveway!!

*Late night talks in the kitchen & family jokes

*Stopping in to see a friend at work or vice versa (someone coming to see me!)

*A sunny day & blue skies & sunglasses & open sunroof & happy music!!

*Feeling happy to be alive!


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