Non-Existent Smile

I am not in the best mood ever.

I slept through my two early alarms, meaning that I didn’t have time for my shower. That didn’t make my already dragging spirits any cheerier…

I dribbled coffee from what I thought was an “empty” coffee cup, all over the passenger seat of my car.

The daisies I picked for my car yesterday were all wilted.

A pimple decided to grace my forehead with it’s presence… :/

The sky is overcast and gray, and the sun is hiding it’s face.

My mustard seed of faith feels rather weak and non-existent right now…

So I listened to melancholy music the whole way to work, stuck a fresh daisy in my hair, and I’m drinking yummy Highlander Grog coffee. I really don’t feel like smiling, but I’m trying to anyway. 🙂

Hope your day is lovely!


3 thoughts on “Non-Existent Smile

  1. Oh, dear Kristin…
    I hope your day turns out to be very happy! 🙂 Thanks for the card and chocolate!!! It made my evening!! Thanks for blessing me!! May you be blest…..


  2. The day mayhave been gray and dreary but your spirits and swile brighten everything around you so keep your chin up…….:)


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