Journey, Part 2

Journey. This journey we are traveling has potential for many different things. Risk. Passion. Fulfillment. Joy. Pain. Hope. Danger. Growth. Purpose. Vision. Change. How are we choosing to live out our journey? Are we walking the paths God wants to take us on? Are we stumbling around in the dark, falling into every pothole along the way? Are we living up to our full potential?

There are many different factors to walking our life’s path well. These are a few that are especially near to my heart – things that God has been teaching me as I’m walking my journey. They have been hard things to learn.

Live with vision and purpose. Discover the answers to the questions: Why was I created? Where am I going? How will I get there? Purpose helps put into perspective the hardships we may be faced with. It gives us a reason to get back up when we fall, and a reason to keep on going. It gives us something to live for! We were created for so much more than a meaningless existence. We were created to glorify God and to live passionately for Him!

Live with courage and risk. Do hard things! Stand up for what you believe in! Step out in faith! They are all parts of our journey that will test and strengthen us. A friend sent me this quote once –  it says it well: You cannot discover new oceans without first having courage to lose sight of the shore. If I am too scared to step out of my comfort zone and try anything that seems scary, God won’t be able to take me to new heights.

Live with joy, even amidst pain and struggles. Choose to live with the joy of Jesus, even on the painful, lonely days. It’s extremely hard. I know. But I have learned that when I choose to praise and worship my Redeemer, even on the days when there is nothing but tears and unfulfilled desires, that is when He feels the nearest. Allow Him to come and heal the brokenness, and to redeem the pain and struggles. He can create beauty from ashes.

Live with trust. Believe that God is big enough to lead and guide you. He knows where the road will twist, where you will fall, and exactly what will happen during every single step of your journey. He can see far beyond what us small humans can fathom, and He is more than capable. He knows what He is doing!!

Live with freedom. Delight in the God who made it possible for us to be released from our own prison of sin and self.  Jesus HAS  paid the price. He HAS set you free! Grasp that truth and hold onto it.

This quote sums it up: “Every man dies, not every man really lives.” -William Wallace

Travel your journey with vision and purpose. Learn how to step out with courage and try risky new things. Don’t lost sight of joy, amidst the painful struggles. Trust that God does know what He’s doing, and live in freedom! This is the journey! Travel with God.

(Taken last fall)


5 thoughts on “Journey, Part 2

  1. Krispie you are truly a lady after God’s own heart! When I read this the first thing I thought here is a lady that is experiencing the intimacy of her Lord!! God Bless you for being willing to be inspired by Him to write!!!You have touched and blessed my life greatly!!! I love you! ~ Rach


  2. Amy, I’m glad. Praise God, because He helped me write it – it didn’t come together easily.
    Rach – all I can do is smile when I think of our random midnight conversations 🙂 Bless you dear friend!!


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