EBI Friends

I am rather excited about this little bit of news! I’m going to see this person in exactly 7 days!!!

And we really do love being together, despite the fact that we look rather distressed in the picture… the unfortunate thing is that usually certain *ahem* mishaps tend to occur when we’re in the same vehicle. We were comforting ourselves… remember this Dee? (And by the way, this was exactly one year ago today.) Whenever I need a good laugh, I dig this picture up and look at it – haha!

And… I’m most likely going to see THIS person in about a week & a half (if all works out)…

Oh just the thought makes me happy!

And then… in about 2 1/2 weeks, I get to see THIS dear person…

It’s my happy beaver friend!! *inside joke* YAY!!!

Wanna see yourself on this blog post?? Come visit me!! *grins*

Edit: I can’t believe this, but I missed adding this DEAR friend who is coming home from Haiti in… 6 days!

I can’t wait to see you Naomah!!!!!


4 thoughts on “EBI Friends

  1. Aw Amy I thought of you when I posted this… oh if we wouldn’t have such annoying things such as miles and jobs and money and time in the way… I would be there in a heartbeat!


  2. Hey where’s my picture in this post?! You’ll see me 1 week from today! I’m very excited to see you and really catch up but I’ll be very sad to leave Haiti………


  3. Oh my word where is my brain??? I haven’t forgotten you Naomah, I promise!! It just doesn’t seem like you’re going to come home already!! (Like it wasn’t long enough or something…) AHHHH I can’t wait to see you!!!


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