My Days…

What I’ve been doing lately:

*VBS posters*

*Making these every morning & afternoon (aka work)*

*Taking walks in the woods*

*Photographing my younger sister for her school portrait*

*Hanging out with friends… good times! Barlow Girl concert & fun girls night! (This represents all the pictures of friend times that I don’t have – from all those birthday parties & youth functions that I forgot to take my camera to)*

*Extreme biking with Ted…  well I would call flying down the hill of a bumpy, muddy, “road” full of ruts and narrow ledges, extreme biking. Closest thing Ohio has to mountain biking, that’s for sure!*

*Editing & editing pictures*

*Writing letters & blog posts & journal pages*

*Connecting with the people in my family of believers. I love you all!*

And lots of other things… such as sleeping, eating, and boring things you probably don’t want to hear about! By the way, I promise that part 2 of Journey is coming soon. I am still pondering what I’m going to write…

*Learning how to worship my Creator, while waiting on Him…*


3 thoughts on “My Days…

  1. Kristin dear, I would so love to drink one of those coffee drinks & walk on that path through the woods with you. We could have such good conversation! 🙂 And by the way, my life is going better then when we talked last, which is a good thing! 🙂


  2. Loved your photos–love your attitude–really like the last photo and your wise words that go with it. Keep on waiting on God–in Him alone is our hope!


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