Imperfections and Blessings

It’s been an itchy, hobbling around on one foot sort of day.

Poison ivy, sunburn, and glass in the foot are not the greatest combination.  I definitely wouldn’t recommend it. Between my pink face, random overwhelming urges to itch (and itch and itch and itch), and literal hobbling around… wow, yeah I’d say I have some issues going on. :p

Sometimes I wonder why there have to be so many irritating things in this world. Sin and ugliness and problems abound.  My optimistic self wishes that life would always be happy and perfect. Unfortunately, that won’t be a reality until we reach the golden streets and run into Jesus’ arms.

Until then, I cling to the good things that are present. A love song straight from Jesus. Sand volleyball and the sun kissing my face. A beautiful, joy-filled wedding, where God was present and pure love was celebrated. Laughing with my sister as we get all mixed up while trying to learn VBS song motions. A Saturday night coffee shop talk with a cousin. Connecting with my ‘mamasita’ over a chocolate frosty and fries. Beautiful piano melodies. Meeting a dear kindred spirit and hitting it off instantly. Feeling the peace of God, in the midst of pain & confusion. Receiving a letter with joyful news in the mail. Birds singing and trees turning green. Polka dot cookies, just because it’s fun to add flavor to life!

Don’t forget to look for the blessings, amidst the irritations. They are there!


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