I must say, I have the best brothers. Ever.

There’s Jesse.

(Photo credit to whoever was using my camera at youth a few weeks ago… no idea who it was!)

Jesse is two years younger than me (18), and we used to play all sorts of imaginative games together when we were little. Everything from stuffed animal kingdoms to legos (with people and wild hike & seek “games”) to sliding down the stairs on cushions to exercise machines with dining room chairs. We were pretty good at coming up with ways to turn the house into a huge disaster. (Or so Mom says!)

Now… he’s the brother I run to whenever I’m having any computer problems. (“Can you fix this for me Jesse?” *pleading eyes*) He patiently listens to my long nonsensical ramblings that often don’t make much sense, usually on the way home from a youth function. (HUGE credit for that one!) He’s a great debater and knows facts and information about almost everything! He provided for the other half of our camera and bought some pretty amazing lenses to go with it. He is also the person who supplies our family tea stash! He is a steady brother who can be depended on.

Ted is my “mighty hunter” brother.

I like to tease him and call him my “little brother”. Never mind the fact that he is taller than me, bigger than me, and stronger than me. He reminds me of those facts quite often and INSISTS that he is not my “little” brother.

At 14, he’s shot five deer and spends many, many hours analyzing deer habits, sitting in the woods, planning a deer “garden”, hunting, talking about hunting, drooling over guns in magazines, reading hunting stories, and… you get the picture. You want to talk hunting? Come visit our house and he will be more than happy to oblige.

He’s the brother who plays intense pitch & catch ball games and loves anything to do with baseball. He says I do pretty good (for a girl) but then I remind him that I can still throw balls over his head! He is probably the biggest Indians baseball fan out there!

Outdoors, action guy – that’s Ted.

And then there’s Isaac, my little curly-headed brother.

He’s the brother who picks flowers for the females in his family. He gives adorable little hugs, if you beg him for one.  He’s the one who likes to come down to my room and try on hats & shoes. Ironically, his favorite ones to wear are the white high heeled sandals! But don’t worry, he’s a boy through & through. He loves action and tramping around outside. He affectionately pets our dog and says, “Doggie! C’mon!” *insert little tsk noises*

We have this random little tradition: we sit on the floor in the kitchen and drink water, then we toast… (complete with the loud CLUNK of the plastic sippy cup.) Gotta love 2-year-olds! He adds laughter and smiles and fun to our family!

I am so blessed to have brothers! Each of them adds richness to my life, that I would be missing otherwise. Here’s to steadiness & strong muscles & cuteness.


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