Wednesday blahs

On days like today, I have to look a little harder to find the happy moments. It’s easier to see the gray skies, the lack of sunshine, and the blahness of Wednesdays. It’s easier to grimace under the headache and just crawl under the covers and sleep the afternoon away.

But there are always moments of simple pleasure, amidst not-so-good days.

…Listening to Remember When it Rained and feeling sleepily melancholy on the 20 minute drive home from work… sleep, blissful sleep in my big, soft queenly bed, as I try to banish the sickness far away… homemade bread made into toast, spread with strawberry jam – completed with a big cup of milk… discovering an amazing blog written by a lady who loves beauty and  life’s moments and pictures as much as I… little arms thrown around me and a little curly head resting on my shoulder (after I begged for an Isaac hug)… yummy family supper around the island… soft soothing Enya tunes… having an inspiring God moment on my morning drive…

Tomorrow is a fresh, new day. Thank You, God.


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