Love is…

Love is… pumping up your daughter’s tire, even before you’ve had your morning coffee!

Love is… doing the dishes for your Mom when she’s tired.

Love is… listening to your teenage brother expound about guns and hunting and deer, even when it’s not really your thing.

Love is… making someone feel special on their birthday.

Love is… writing a letter to your Grandma.

Love is… a 2-year-old’s sloppy kiss.

Love is… giving your friend a hug when she’s had a bad day.

Love is… smiling and being pleasant to that grumpy, picky customer.

Love is… talking to that lonely old lady sitting alone.

Love is… just being with someone who is grieving a huge loss.

Love is… sharing clothes with your sister.

Love is… rejoicing in someone else’s happiness.

Love is… taking time to listen to a friend who is sad.

Love is… stopping to help that person who ran out of gas by the side of the road.

Love is… getting up in the middle of the night with a wailing newborn.

Love is… the mystery of a pure first kiss.

Love is… laying down your life for someone else.

(Comment and add your own!)


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