Spring of the Heart

Today the skies were blue, the sun was shining, and the birds were singing! Granted, there are still piles of snow and the air is still cold, but spring is COMING!! (Anyone who has been around me lately knows that I have an ongoing countdown to March 20th)

Spring excites me, because it means there is growth & green & warmth ahead… new things will begin appearing! The long, cold winter causes me to flinch because it reminds me of myself…  All too often I allow my heart to grow cold and die out. My connection with God becomes buried in cold, deep drifts. Sometimes I let it get so buried, that it takes awhile to melt and thaw out. The promise of spring gives me hope, though! Jesus is able and willing to do a beautiful work in my heart… After all, he can take something inside a tiny seed and cause it to gradually blossom it into a beautiful flower. He is so capable of growing the tiny seed of life in my heart until it blossoms into radiant beauty for Him! I am so thankful for a redeeming God!

Oh Jesus, help me to water and nourish the seeds of growth in my heart.

I recently rediscovered a musical artist whose style I love! This song has always been my favorite – it’s my theme song right now. I think it ties in well with the winter/spring heart thoughts, and expresses how we often feel when we are cold and dead. “Am I on my own? Are you here with me? I’m in need of Your touch…” I love the solution in the chorus and bridge: Jesus will go before us to open all closed doors, to bring light to the darkness, raise the low valleys, straighten our path, and to cause our hearts to SING! How incredible is that?!

I Will Go Before – Justin Unger

Verse 1:
It has been awhile since I’ve seen another light besides the one I hold,
Am I all on my own? All alone down here where it’s becoming dark and cold?
So I ask, “Are You here with me?”
And gently You responded with a love that draws me near and You said,

“When you feel betrayed you know they hated Me before
And when they leave you out, I will be the open door
And when you die inside, I will cause your heart to sing forevermore.
I am the Risen Lord, and I will go before.”

Verse 2:
I’m in need of your touch, and a love that knows me better than I know myself
‘Cause the world is not enough to fill the empty space that only You can know so well
So I wait to hear You once again
And boldly You declare to me that I am still Your own and You said,

I will go before the darkness with a light that leads you home
And I’ll raise up every valley that had once laid so low
And I’ll make the path that lies ahead as straight as any path you’ve ever known
I am the risen Lord, and I will go before.

(It’s even better if you listen to it! Go to http://www.justinunger.com > Media > Disengage CD > I Will Go Before)


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